Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Review

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Review and Guide

The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is a great brew for those that dig a beer with a balanced bitterness to sweetness complexity.

Amber in color and smells like a strong malt, the Voodoo ranger imperial IPA gives off delicious flavor. It is a unique blend of choice hops that give off hints of citrus and pine flavors.

This golden Indian Pale Ale from the renowned New Belgium Brewing Company contains the right amount of bitterness with a revitalizing sublime touch! Continue reading our Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Review to find out whether it’s right for you or not.

Key Features of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA

  • Flavor: Bittersweet, fruity flavor
  • Color: Amber-bronze with a foamy white head
  • Aroma: Pine resin, tropical fruit, and sweet malt aromas
  • Mouthfeel: Full, clean, and long lasting
  • Bitterness: Strong
  • Alcohol Content: 9%

What Does Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Taste Like?

The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is a west coast style beer. It generally gives off the taste of grapefruit, citrus, pine, and sometimes mango upfront. This imperial IPA beer by the New Belgium Brewing Company also gives a burst of flavorful hops.

The beer entirely relies on the bittersweet taste. The initial sips feel dry with berry-floral touch loitering.


The Color

The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is a crystal clear amber-bronze beer. It is an old-school Imperial Indian Pale Ale that is neatly balanced with flavors and is easy to consume.

This beer highlights a beautiful pour of dark amber/ golden liquid with a dense pillowy head of over two fingers. The long-lasting beer foam leaves sheets of glace as the foam recedes away.

The Ingredients

  • Water: The pH of water determines the level of bitterness in the IPA beer. It is the water in the beer which discloses the flavor of worts. Since the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA focuses on bitterness, water is how the flavor of this beer is maintained neatly.
  • Malt: The people’s favorite Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is a combination of pale black malts. Malt is considered one of the most important components of a beer. It lays down the foundation of the beers’ taste. The pale amber color of the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA comes straight from the malts.
  • Yeast: Yeast is considered essential to efficiently break down glucose particles into alcohol and CO2 for any beer. It is also the top-fermenting strain.
  • Hops: There are various types of Hops used to make Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Beer. Hops give the beer a fresh taste and retain its froth. In addition, hops add flavor and aroma to the beer. Hops like Delta, Bravo, Centennial, Cascade, Calypso, and Mosaic are used to balance Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA flavors.

The Fermentation Procedure

The fermentation begins once the wort is placed into a fermentation vessel previously inoculated with yeast.

The process of brewing the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Beer may take up to two weeks to complete. Thus, large tanks are used to enhance the brewery’s capacity. The specific gravity is determined after the fermentation process begins and yeast is added to the wort. This method is carried out to assess the amount of alcohol in the beer and decide when the fermentation process should be stopped.

While the fermentation procedure of Voodoo Ranger Imperial is taking place, the fermenter is sealed from all sides. The air outside is not allowed to enter the fermenter, ensuring no air particles enter the fermenter and contaminate the yeast. The majority of the yeast has settled down the fermenter when the fermentation process reaches its peak.

After the fermentation procedure of the IPA beer is completed, the yeast is removed and extracted to be used in future fermentations. The remaining yeast can be used again and again until it mutates and develops a distinct flavor.


The next step which needs to take place is the measurement of alcohol concentration. The alcohol concentration is measured when a certain gravity level is achieved after fermentation. If the Voodoo Ranger Imperial beer has a sufficient alcohol ratio, the long vent vessel that releases CO2 is closed. The vent tube is now closed and packed while carbon dioxide is gathered in the fermenter. This increases the pressure.

This is how the beer receives its carbonation; although, some of it is also manually added afterward. After adding carbonation and completing the fermentation process, the beer is chilled to relax it. Cooling the mixture aids in settling the leftover yeast, allowing it to be extracted and discarded. During the chilling step, other solid particles such as unwanted protein are also removed from the solution.

The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is transferred from the fermenter to the filter when it has cooled. The filter removes other particles and solids which have been added to this IPA beer. After every undesirable particle has been filtered away, the beer is transferred to a bright beer tank.

This is the last stage of beer fermentation. Carbonation is manually added to the beer at this point by bubbling additional CO2 through a porous stone. The beer’s final destination is the bright beer tank, from where it is transferred for bottling and kegging later.

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

While the Lagunitas Daytime IPA beer doesn’t have high alcohol by volume, the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA slightly does. The alcohol concentration in this beer is 9%, while the rate of IBU is 70. The IBU rate is comparatively higher in this beer. Thus, it is considered super bitter.

The Bottle Packaging

The bottle packaging of the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is sleek and modern. The pour is stored in a beautiful yet funky 12.0oz bottle packaging. These bottles and cans come in the cardboard packaging of 6, 12, and 24, so they’re convenient to move and transport from one place to another.

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA

Where to Purchase Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA?

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is the go-to beer for those people who know how the beer ideology works. It is a beer that gives them a slight buzz while keeping their senses sharp. The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA has gained enough recognition by people over these years. Now, it is widely available all across the world and can be purchased from any corner.

You can purchase Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA from online retailers such as Bevmo, Drizly, and total wine. Moreover, you can also look for the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA from gigantic stores such as Tesco or Walmart. They are also available there.

How did Voodoo Ranger Imperial Brewery Begin?

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA was founded by the New Belgium Brewing Company and is considered one of the fastest-growing IPA brands in craft beer. Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch initiated the company in 1991, where the brand produced more than 20 types of beers. In 2017, the company founded the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA beer along with two other beers.

Where is Voodoo Ranger Imperial Brewed?

Founded in 1991 by two partners, Jeff and Kim, in the United States, the headquarters of New Belgium Brewing Company is in Fort Collins, USA. There are two places where the Voodoo Rangers Imperial IPA is brewed to this date.

One is in Fort Collins, where the company was originally opened. The second brewery is in Asheville, North Carolina, where the company expanded its operations in 2016. More than 1000 employees serve in these breweries to produce top-class IPA beers.

Pros and Cons of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA


  • Rich, fruity flavors, very luscious.
  • Great carbonation.
  • Good and long-lasting aftertaste.


  • The beer is super bitter and smells very piney too.
  • The taste of malt is not very prominent.
  • Slightly high ABV

Additional New Belgium Brewing Company Products

  • Fat Tire Amber Ale: The Fat Tire Amber Ale by the New Belgium Brewing Company is an easy-drinking amber ale. It is a neatly balanced beer with a tangy flavor. The first sip gives a mixed taste of bitterness and sweetness. It is a clear, bright amber-colored liquid with white lacing. It has moderate alcohol by volume, which is only 5.2%.

  • Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza: Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza transcends standard beer categories, generating a sweet flash with a hint of tartness that reflects Mexican tastes and flavor. The Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza by the new Belgium brewing company is a sweet, somewhat tangy flavor with a light texture and crisp finish complemented by scents of watermelon, lime, lemon, and fresh green apple.
  • La Folie Sour Brown Ale: La Folie Sour Brown Ale is one of the magnificent creations of the New Belgium Brewing Company. Green apple, cherry, and plum-skin aromas abound in La Folie, which is crisp and acidic. The mouthfeel of this rich mahogany will make you pucker—and the silky finish will make you grin. This beer is the best fit for all those who love a good beer hit with a tangy, sour flavor.

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA Alternatives


Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas India Pale Ale is a light-bodied, easy-to-drink IPA with a dark orange-gold body, a long-lasting head, and a full-bodied sweet hops fragrance. This IPA-style beer goes well with curries and Thai food that includes shellfish.

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA

The Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA is a dry-hopped and less filtered hazy IPA with moderate bitterness and a very smooth & sublime finish. This IPA flexes a full malt body with the right proportion of sweetness and tropical hop flavors.

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine IPA

The Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine IPA is Lupin-Laden beer that has a prominent juicy tropical fruit character and delectable layers of hop flavor. This IPA beer has 8% alcohol by volume and gives a mild buzz to your head to enjoy whatever is forthcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Voodoo Ranger Imperial Healthy?

Answer: Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is a craft beer that comprises natural and organic ingredients. Adequate consumption of any beer is always preferred; however, health concerns may arise when excessive consumption is done. Voodoo Ranger Imperial is considered a relatively healthy beer and can have many health benefits if the right amount is consumed.

Question: How many calories are there in Voodoo Ranger Imperial?

Answer: The number of calories and carbs is moderate in the Voodoo Ranger Imperial. This IPA beer only contains 250 calories while only 17 carbs.

Question: Is the alcohol concentration high in Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA?

Answer: The bold Voodoo Ranger Imperial has 9% alcohol by volume, while the rate of IBU is 70. Although the taste of this beer is a balance of bittersweet, it can give you a nice mild buzz to get you started for the day. This drink bursts out with tropical aroma and juicy fruit flavors.

Question: How did the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA come into being?

Answer: The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA was founded by the New Belgium Brewing Company in the late 2017s. The professionals created a piece of art by creating a rare blend of Mosaic, Calypso, Bravo, and Delta hops to give this beer a magnificent taste.

Question: What are the main ingredients used to make Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA?

Answer: The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA was created with the idea of making beer easier to drink. It is a mixture of unique hops, yeasts, malt, and water.

The Bottom Line

The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is the beer you should pick if you are down for a good time at any time of the day. So whether you’re doing some less strenuous work or just want to have a good time, The Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA will have your back.

Prepared with the finest ingredients and the most effective beer fermentation strategies, this beer is extremely flavorful. Easily accessible, you can get your hands on the mighty Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA from or big markets such as Tesco. Indeed IPA’s are hopping onto the trend faster than expected.

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