Ghost in the Machine Beer Review

Ghost in the Machine Beer Review and Guide

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Ghost in the Machine is a modern-day Double IPA (Indian Pale Ale) created by the Parish Brewing Company. This beer is dominated by bold, intense flavors and aromas of hand-selected Citra hops from the Yakima Valley, which are exquisitely complemented by rich, fruity aromas and tastes of fresh grapefruit and luscious tropical fruit.

The hop flavors and aromas are off the chart, yet this outstanding beer maintains a mild and satisfying level of bitterness. The finish is smooth, crisp, and delicious. Continue reading our In this Ghost in the Machine beer review to find out everything you need to know about this beer.

Pros and Cons of Ghost in the Machine


  • World-Class Craft Beer
  • Delightful earthy and floral aromas and fresh flavors of orange zest, lemon, and Citra hops
  • Extreme hop aroma and flavor with a mild hop bitterness
  • Additional fruity aromas of mango, citrus, and juicy melon
  • Well Packaged


  • Expensive when compared to commercial beer
  • Not as easily accessible as commercial beer

What does Ghost in the Machine taste like?

Ghost in the Machine is a special beer, possibly one of the nicest I have ever had the privilege of tasting. Upfront, you encounter wonderful floral and earthy aromas; this is quickly followed by flavors of orange zest, lemon, and fresh hops. The hop flavor is powerful, almost dominant, but with less bitterness and slightly more sweetness than one would expect.

Additional fruity aromas of melon, mango, and citrus accompany you along with the tasty, refreshing, and satisfying finish. Overall, this medium-bodied IPA is silky smooth, soft, and delightful. I cannot get enough of this beer, and I genuinely am looking forward to my next purchase.

The Color

Ghost in the Machine is an enticing and visually appealing beer. It is a rich and creamy honey color, which is hazy and cloudy. It offers a creamy soft head, medium carbonation, and exceptional retention. 

The Ingredients

Ghost in the Machine is brewed using premium all-natural ingredients. Unfortunately, they are a closely guarded company secret, and except for the type of hops that are used in the brewing process, very little is known about them.

This incredible Double IPA is brewed with an insane amount of Citra Hops. This dual hybrid hop is high in alpha acid and is typically utilized for its flavor, aromatic qualities, and its bittering qualities. Aromas and flavors include lychee, melon, grapefruit, gooseberry, and passion fruit. This American hybrid hop is bred from a combination of Brewers Gold, US Tettnanger, Hallertau Mittlefruh, East Kent Goldings, and Bavarian hops.

The Brewing Process

Ale, Pale Ale, and Ghost in the Machine Double IPA are all brewed using the top-fermenting technique with specific top-fermenting yeast strains. Top-fermenting yeast strains operate at the top of the wort and allow for rich, fruity aromas and flavors you don’t get from bottom-fermenting Lagers or Pilsners.

Top-fermentation takes place between 60 and 78 degrees F (15 and 25 degrees C) and also allows for the prized yeast to be easily collected after fermentation for use in future brews. Ghost in the Machine and most IPA’s are best consumed when fresh; therefore, they aren’t technically aged or made in large volumes.

About the Brewery

The Parish Brewery was founded by Andrew Godly in Louisiana in 2003. After returning home from Pittsburgh, Andrew identified a need for craft beer in the area. He opened the nano-brewery in Broussard, Louisiana, with an initial maximum output of just 50 gallons (20 kegs per week). Andrew had one goal in mind, and that was to produce quality craft beer.

The first beer produced by the Parish Brewing Company was Canebrake Beer. This prototype was named after the massive sugarcane fields that Broussard County is known for. Canebrake put the brewery on the map, with popularity rapidly increasing amongst all types of beer drinkers in the area. Next was Ghost in the Machine Double IPA, which not only cemented the company’s status as a quality brewery but illustrated the endless possibilities of quality craft beer.

In 2012, construction was completed on the new brewery in Jared Drive. The company continues to grow and is considered to be one of the largest breweries in the region; and is currently responsible for producing and selling over twenty-one different types and styles of premium alcoholic beverages.

Ghost in the Machine ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

Ghost in the Machine Double IPA offers an average IPA ABV OF 8.5%


True to Craft beer tradition, Ghost in the Machine Double IPA is only offered in brown 12oz glass bottles that feature their colorful and graphic “Ghost in the machine” logo. The logo makes me feel like there is a seasoned punk or grunge rocker in the brew room, and I get the same feeling when drinking the beer. Bottles are available in sturdy four-pack cardboard boxes that come with a comfortable handle. Each four-pack is expertly branded and easy to carry, store and transport.


Ghost in the Machine is not as easily accessible as most national and international commercial beer brands. This is mainly because it is a Craft Beer that targets and services niche beer-drinking markets. Ghost in the machine can be purchased online from liquor distributors like U.S. Liquor Distribution, Uptown Spirits, and Drizly.

Large Liquor Wholesalers like Southern Wines and Spirits, Young’s Market Company, and Premier Beverage Company. If luck is on your side, you might stumble across Ghost in the Machine Double IPA at your local Walmart or Tesco Supermarket.

Ghost in the Machine Alternatives

Below are five quality alternatives to Ghost in the Machine Double IPA:

Hill Farmstead Double Citra

Double Citra is an Imperial IPA from the Hill Farmstead Brewery in Vermont, USA. This Double IPA is made using only the Citra hop, water, house yeast, and American Malted Barley. It is a quality full-flavored craft beer with a trace of mild hop bitterness and an ABV of 8.0%.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids Double Sunshine

Double Sunshine an American Double India Pale Ale produced by Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Vermont, USA. This Craft beer is bursting with notes and aromas of fresh juicy fruit, complemented by subtle earthy undertones. Double Sunshine is brewed using an array of American hops and offers an ABV of 8.0%.

Firestone Walker Double Jack

Double Jack is a limited edition Double IPA from the Firestone Walker Brewing Company in California, USA. True to Imperial (Double) IPA, it is massively hopped by extreme amounts of flavor and aroma. After four initial hop additions, Double Jack is triple dry-hopped to greatly enhance the hop aromas and flavors. Additional flavors of grapefruit and peach and aromas of earthy pine result in an outstanding beer. Firestone Walker Double Jack is an authentic well-balanced Double IPA and offers an ABV of 9.5%.

Russian River Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder is a wonderful brew from the Russian River Brewing Company in California, USA. It is a well-balanced and well-thought-out beer. Pliny the Elder offers fresh floral, citrus, pine, and hop aromas, with lovely notes of rich malt.

This premium Double IPA is made with Simcoe, CTZ, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. This ensures sufficient flavor and high levels of bitterness. Pliny the Elder offers an ABV of 8.0% and is best enjoyed fresh and cold.

Columbus Brewing Bodhi

Bodhi is a wonderful Double IPA from the Columbus Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio, USA. It is full of flavor with a trace of mild hop bitterness. Bodhi is brewed using a variety of premium American grown hops, but once again, it’s the Citra Hop that steals the show. Lovely citrus flavors and aromas are followed by a trace of mild bitterness and a refreshing and smooth finish. Columbus Brewing Bodhi offers an ABV of 8.3%.

Additional Parish Brewing Company Products

The guys in the brew room at the Parish Brewing Company have been busy, and subsequently, come up with some wonderful and innovative creations. The creativity that comes out of this brewery is inspiring, particularly for the world of nano and micro-breweries. Below are some of their creations:

  • Envie: Envie is an excellent modern-day Pale Ale. Upfront, you encounter rich flavors of tropical fruits, orange, lychee, and mango. This is accompanied by a slight bitterness from the Citra, Simcoe, and cascade hops. This juicy, tropical, and hazy Pale Ale is available all year round and offers an ABV of 5.0%.
  • 4XDH Envy: This delicious pale Ale is dry-hopped with four times the amount of Citra hops used in the original recipe. The result is a full-flavored yet mild Pale Ale with the same tropical, juicy, and hoppy profile of the original Envy. Envy 4XDH is only available occasionally and offers an ABV of 5.5 %.
  • Holy Ghost IPA: This is the last piece of the Ghost trilogy, and the Parish Company has produced one of the craziest beers on the planet. Holy Ghost is expertly brewed using raw wheat and gobs of oats. Additionally, there are obscene amounts of fresh, bold hops steering the ship. Equal amounts Citra-Cryo, Galaxy, and Nelson Sauvin hops are completely dry-hopped and all come together wonderfully to create what the guys at the Parish Brewing company refer to as “ a mind-melting IPA encounter like never before.” Holy Ghost IPA is not for the faint-hearted and offers an ABV of 11%.
  • Greetings from Holly Beach: This delightful Berliner Wiesse is a tropical-inspired cocktail. Bursting with fresh fruit flavors of passion fruit, mango, coconut, and pineapple, you will think you are sitting at a tiki bar in the Caribbean. Greetings from Holly Beach is fresh, refreshing, and offers an ABV of 5.1%.
  • Greetings from Grand Isle: This cocktail Berliner is a different version and the next addition to the “Greeting from” range. It is a tiki-style cocktail with sweet kiwi and lime zest—slightly sour (in a good way) upfront, with a rich tropical coconut and candy finish. Greetings from Grand Isle offers an ABV of 5.6%.
  • Pure Tropics: The Parish Brewing Company took their best base IPA recipe and infused the beer with pink guava puree, pineapple, and mango to create the Parish Pure Tropics. The hops are exposed to an intense dry-hopping process to ensure maximum flavor and aroma. Pure Tropics are tasty, refreshing, and offer an ABV of 6.8%.
  • Braincake: Braincake is an interesting and innovative Double IPA beer. Created in 2020, and features a double-wheat malt profile with bold, sharp, and intense hop flavors and aromas. Cashmere and Strata hops are thoroughly dry-hopped to significantly enhance the hop qualities. Upfront, you get notes of sweet berries, soft malt with intense hop bitterness. This is followed by a refreshing and thirst-quenching finish with a strong aftertaste of tropical fruits. Braincake offers an ABV of 8.4%.
  • Strawberry Canebrake: This slightly sweet and medium-bodied Wheat ale is identical to the original Canebrake recipe, with the addition of a delicious real strawberry puree. The additional strawberry puree makes it fruiter than the original. This recipe was inspired by the gorgeous Louisiana Spring. Strawberry Canebrake offers an ABV of 5%.
  • South Coast: This medium-bodied Amber Ale is easy drinking anytime beer that perfectly balances the bitterness from the Crystal hops with the sweetness of the rich malt. Overall still a malty profile but perfectly executed. South Coast offers an ABV of 5.0%.
  • Parish Pilsner: Parish Pilsner is a great take on the traditional Pilsner recipe; it is a light-bodied light Lager with lovely tastes and bitterness of the original Czech Saaz Hop. This is everything a Pilsner should be, including crisp, peppery undertones on the dry, refreshing finish. Parish Pilsner is a “must drink Pilsner” and offers an ABV of 4.6%.
  • Dr. Juice IPA: Dr. Juice IPA is full of fruity aromas and tastes of blood orange, Papaya, and fresh passion fruit. It offers a profile that is juicy, hoppy, fruity, and tropical. With lovely flavors and bitterness from the Simcoe, Azacca, Citra, and Cascade Hops, Dr. Juice IPA is available all year round and offers an ABV of 6.0%.
  • Canebrake: Canebrake has been the company’s best-selling product since 2010. It is a classic American wheat Ale that offers sweet tastes of pure honey and sugarcane. Lovely citrus flavors shine through on the dry and refreshing finish. Canebrake is crisp and malty with an ABV of 5%.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: Is Ghost in the Machine a Double IPA?

Answer: Ghost in the Machine is a Juicy Double IPA (Indian Pale Ale) created by the Parish Brewing Company in Broussard, Louisiana. It is full of Citra hop aromas and flavors and offers an impressive ABV of 8.0%.

Question: What is a Double IPA Beer?

Answer: A Double IPA, also referred to as Imperial IPA, is an American style of Indian Pale Ale that uses significantly more hops and malts in the brewing process. The result is a beer that is full of hop tastes and aromas, with high levels of fresh hop bitterness and high ABV. The average ABV of a Double IPA is above 8%.

Question: How many calories are there in Ghost in the Machine?

Answer: Ghost in the Machine is made with a ridiculous amount of hops (up to three times more than traditional IPA’s), and each 12oz serving offers 260 Calories and 0 g Fat.

Question: Is Ghost in the Machine a good beer?

Answer: Ghost in the Machine is a fantastic beer that is full of flavor, aromas, and fresh hop bitterness. It looks good, smells good, and tastes fantastic. The first sip is an assault on your senses, with lovely aromas and tastes of citrus and juicy fruit. The bitterness is surprisingly mild considering the number of hops that are used, and the finish is smooth, dry, and satisfying.

Question: Who makes Canebrake Beer?

Answer: Canebrake Beer is a thirst-quenching American Wheat Beer produced by the Parish Brewing Company in Broussard, Louisiana. Canebrake Beer offers delectable notes of sugarcane, spice, citrus, and honey with a smooth, crisp and refreshing finish.

Question: What beer tastes similar to Ghost in the Machine?

Answer: Ninkasi Tricerahops is an exceptional Double IPA produced by the Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene, Oregon, USA. This Imperial IPA is made with ridiculous amounts of hops, resulting in a beer that is full of flavors, aromas, and ABV. Palisade, Summit, Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook hops are expertly combined to produce an outstanding beer. Additional flavors of rich malt balance the extreme levels of hop bitterness, followed by a long, smooth, and thirst-quenching finish. Nikasi Tricerahops offers an ABV of 8.0%.


Ghost in the Machine is an exceptional Double IPA created by the Parish Brewing Company in Broussard, Louisiana, USA. From humble beginnings, originating in a 50 Gallon (20 keg per week) nano-brewery, Ghost in the Machine has evolved into one of the most popular Craft Beers on the market.

Ghost in the Machine is an IPA on steroids and is made using an obscene amount of premium Citra Hops. This results in a beer that is full of hop flavors and citrus aromas with a mild bitterness. The finish on this Imperial IPA is smooth, crisp, refreshing, and satisfying.

I love this beer and will drink it at every chance that I get. Traditionally, I have always preferred Dry Lagers and mild Pilsners, but this is a beer I could drink all the time. Due to the expensive price (which is understandable and common amongst craft beers), I may start saving Ghost in the Machine for special occasions only; it’s that good. Cracking one open is a great way to start any event, particularly a night out with my mates.

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