Gavin Eales

Gavin is a homebrew expert that had to learn the skill during the pandemic to keep enjoying his favorite drink after a long day surfing. He's spent countless hours learning about different types of beer, how to brew them, and all the things you need to do it successfully. He prides himself on creating well-structured and straightforward content that is easy to follow and ensuring his articles are useful for beginners and experts alike.

Weyermann Malt Guide

Weyermann Malt Guide

Weyermann is among the malting elite and has been producing world-class malts since the 1800s. Premium Malts are an integral component of the magical beer-making process, and beer is big business. Over two hundred years of experience and malting heritage shine through in the premium malt that is now accessible to all. Weyermann features over

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Sterling Hops Guide

Sterling Hops Guide

Adored for its prominent aromas and promising bitter properties, the Sterling Hop is a delightful hop variety created by Dr. Cal Skotland. Sterling is a versatile all-American dual-purpose hop with roots tracing back to Europe, particularly Germany and Czechoslovakia.  Sterling is prized and sought-after for its complex essential oil composition, which is unique and unlike

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Glacier Hops Guide

Glacier Hops Guide: Everything You Need to know about this Versatile Hop

As far as versatile dual-purpose hop varieties go, Glacier is up there with the best. Glacier is a complex all-American hop variety created by the Washington State University, WA, USA.  Glacier Hops are coveted for their delicate and well-balanced bittering qualities while delivering delightful aromas in all hop additions. Additionally, Glacier is ideal for dry-hopping

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