Best Stout Glasses to Use in Your Home Bar

Regardless of the type of beer you prefer, there is a right and a wrong way to enjoy the most popular alcoholic drink on the planet. If you’re a stout fan, it seems only right to have the best beer stout glasses in your home bar arsenal, and I’m going to help you choose elite products considering aspects such as affordability, quality of construction, and design.

My Favorite Stout Glass

The Libbey Craft Brews Stout Glass is my favorite from this list. The shape of the glass helps your beer retain a thick, creamy layer of foam and the crystal clear glass shows off the gorgeous dark color of your stout. Plus, these are dishwasher safe! 

At a Glance: Best Stout Glasses

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What is Stout Beer?

Stout is a robust, top-fermented beer that many people joke about being able to consume as a meal on its own. While they were traditionally stronger types of beer, averaging 7-8 percent alcohol by volume rather than dark beer, they are now the darkest kind of beer that you will find everywhere, and as a result, the concentrate on this beer is on the type of malts used rather than the hops used.

Dark in Color


You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that stout beers are typically the darkest of all the beers available, and as I’ve previously stated, this is entirely due to the malt that is used in the brewing of a stout. Stouts are made with extremely dark malts that have been kilned or roasted to a high degree of intensity.

Rich Flavors

If you bring your stout up to the light, you’ll notice that it’s usually an extremely dark brown or even crimson in color, despite the fact that it appears to be black. According to how the beer is poured, many stouts will also have a gorgeous creamy white head of foam, which provides a wonderful dramatic contrast to the deep, rich color of the beer body. Roasted malts not only provide the color, but they also provide the delicious bitter chocolate ,coffee, and burnt flavors that are characteristic of this style of beer.

Types of Stouts

Stouts, like many other beer varieties, are divided into subcategories. It is possible to obtain an assortment of different varieties of stouts that have been produced over the years, with many of them still being widely consumed today:

  •   Dry stouts are drier and more bitter in flavor than other beers, as the name suggests.
  •  Oatmeal stouts will have a nice creamy smooth texture due to the use of oats in the grist bill, which is typically 30% of the total grist bill.
  •  Milk stouts are another fantastic type of stout that has become increasingly popular in recent years, largely to the efforts of craft beer brewers. Because they are brewed with lactose, they are certain to be silky smooth in comparison to their contemporaries.
  •  Another option is an oyster stout, which is a touch more unusual but still delicious. While oysters aren’t always used in the brewing process anymore, many brewers still use oyster shells to craft this rich beer. 
  •  Imperial stouts are also available for those who like a stronger beer. With average alcohol by volume (ABV) levels over 10%, this type of stout is best left for the end of the night!

Types of Stout Beer Glasses

If you are an avid beer-drinker, having the right type of beer glassware at home is essential. Glass shape will affect your beer drinking experience, and different beers are actually meant to be served in different types of glasses. If you’ve just discovered your passion for beer, here is a quick stout beer glasses guide that will help you tell them apart.


beer in glass

There are many different styles of pint glasses available. Although they seem to be popular IPA glasses, the Boston shaker pint isn’t the best container for beer because of its straight-sided shape. Although it is effective, it was originally designed to aid in the shaking of cocktails and, at some point, someone thought it would be a good idea to serve beer in them.

The 16-ounce American pint glass is a straightforward, utilitarian design that is slightly bigger at the lip than at the base. Bars and restaurants all around the United States utilize it to offer a wide variety of beer styles, and you can find it in big numbers in many of them. Its widespread use can be attributed to the fact that it is relatively cheap to make and that its wide mouth makes it simple to clean and stack.

The basic form of the American pint glass neither enhances nor significantly detracts from the flavor of any particular beer style. Consider it a standard, all-purpose glass with no special characteristics.

The imperial pint glass, like its near relative the American pint glass, serves a variety of functions. The imperial pint, in contrast to its American counterpart, holds a full 20 ounces of liquid. A little lip at the corner of the mouth distinguishes it from the rest of the collection.

If you appreciate British ales and lagers such as different types of ales and porters as well as milk stout, oatmeal stout, and Scottish ales, this is the glass for you.


Spiegelau is a glass producer that has dedicated itself to developing beer glassware that complements the many different varieties of American craft beers that are currently on the market. Examples include a joint venture with Bell’s Brewery, which produces Oberon beer, and the development of a distinctive wheat beer glass. The company then teamed with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales and Spirits to create a limited-edition stout glass.

The angular shape of the base and the angle of the bowl draw attention to the roasted malts and aromas of rich chocolate and coffee that distinguish stout beers from other styles of beer. The inclined shelf and tight mouth aid in the retention of the head.



Beer mugs distinguish themselves from other types of beer glasses due to the mood they create for the beer consumer. The beers that fill these glasses are conventional, medium-alcohol lagers and ales that are not as filling as hefty stouts or Belgian beers, but they are nonetheless satisfying in their own way.

Despite the fact that many of these beers have strong characteristics, they all have more simple, assertive flavors. Because there is no longer a need to concentrate on keeping subtle aromas and flavors, glass designs can be more straightforward, open, and cylindrical.

Beer mugs are available in a wide variety of sizes, but many mug clubs provide mugs that hold roughly 20 ounces and occasionally even offer a discount.


Trying to sample all of the beers that are served from taps around the world is unfeasible due to the sheer volume of beer available. With the aid of a taster glass, however, this chore becomes a little less difficult. These small glasses are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with the majority of them holding roughly 4 ounces.

It is possible that they will arrive in a flight of four or five glasses, depending on the brewery, to allow for a more extensive sampling of beers. Of course, there are occasions when you just want a pint. These are also likely to be the vessels of choice for beer festivals and other similar events. If you’re feeling very brave, you can use them as whiskey glasses as well.


Similar to snifters, tulip glasses are designed with a narrower opening to aid in concentration and a higher lip to aid in the support of a respectable head. Tulips are an excellent pairing for double IPAs, sour and wild ales, as well as a variety of Belgian brews, among other styles.

This glass, with its bulbous body and flared lip, is meant to collect the head of malty, hoppy beers, as well as to enhance the scent and flavor of the beer it contains. The small stem makes whirling easier, which further enhances your sensory experience.



For huge beers, snifters are great since, just like a wine glass, the globular form helps to concentrate the delightful scents while the smaller size helps to reduce the quantity of alcohol consumed in each serving.

In terms of color and alcohol content, the beers that work best with footed glasses fall somewhere in between the middle and upper echelon. They have a certain depth and aroma to their flavors, but they do not have a strong hoppiness to them. This glass shape is a good choice for an imperial stout. 


Pilsners were seen in virtually every beer advertisement from the mid-20th century that promotes light macro lagers. There’s a good reason for this, as they are ideal for lighter beers since they allow the color to stand out while also maintaining a thick head.

A pilsner glass is tall, slender, and slightly wider at the mouth, allowing the contents of the beer to be seen more clearly. At the same time, it aids in the retention of a beer’s head, which helps to restrict volatile aromatics from being released into the air. Though it’s not ideal, stout can be served in pilsner glasses, which carry less than a pint glass (generally somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 to 14 ounces).

How to Properly Pour a Stout Beer

You’ll probably laugh at the idea of a tutorial teaching you how to pour beer, but there is actually an entire science to it.  You can choose from a range of different methods, each of which is best suited to an individual style of beer. 

The majority of stout beers are distinguished by their rich, dark appearance as well as their powerful, bitter flavor. For the perfect glass of stout beer, a two-stage technique is required, which allows the sediment to settle while simultaneously creating a dense, creamy head on top. To properly pour a stout beer, you have to:

  •   Place the glass one inch underneath the bottle or beer tap, making sure it’s inclined at a 45-degree angle.
  •   Open the tap and allow it to fill the glass. If you’re pouring from a glass bottle, tilt the bottle to start pouring. In both cases, you want the stream of beer to be constant.
  •   Stop pouring from the bottle or close the tap when the beer glass is ¾ full.
  •   Put the beer glass on the table and allow it to sit for about two minutes.
  •   Pour beer again to fill the remainder of the glass, but this time keep the beer glass in a vertical position to ensure a smooth head of foam.

Top 7 Stout Beer Glasses

ECODESIGN-US 2 Libbey Beer Glasses: Best tulip glasses

These glasses are an excellent choice for adding to your glassware collection because of their fashionable appearance and practical design. Each tulip glass in this set comes with a 16-ounce capacity and supports a foamy head so that you can enjoy your stout beer anytime. They make excellent gifts for the beer enthusiast in your life. Plus, they come with two cork coasters that help protect your surfaces from stains and water rings.

ECODESIGN-US 2 Libbey Beer Glasses


  •   Cork coasters included.
  •   Dishwasher and freezer-safe.
  •   Available in sets of 2 and 4 glasses.


  •   A few complaints about minor defects.

Who Should Buy This?

This set of tulip glasses is perfect for giving as a gift to someone in your life who is passionate about stout, beer in general, or just loves to receive dishware.

2 Beer Glasses Belgian Style Stemmed Tulip | Amazon
$24.99 ($12.50 / Count)

This set of glasses provides an eye-catching presentation for juices, ginger beer, iced tea and soda, and complements the home beer brewing kit, making it the perfect gift for that beer-lover in your life.

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Cheers All Pint GlassesMost cost-effective set

Every little about the design of these pint glasses makes them excellent for enjoying your favorite beer. Because of the huge bowl and narrow top, the aromatics of the beer are trapped, yet the flared lip allows the beer to reach the tongue and the volatiles to reach the nose. The bottom of this glass has an etched design that substantially stimulates carbonation, which rises straight up from the bottom’s core and releases the most fragrant flavors possible. Plus, the etching on these is just too cool.

Cheers All Pint Glasses


  •   Convenient pack of 6 glasses.
  •   Designed to retain flavor.
  •   Easy to hold due to shape.


  •   Complaints about damage upon delivery.

Who Should Buy This?

If you’re looking for a set of 6 stout glasses that are conveniently priced, you really need to check out this Cheers All offer.

American Made Uniquely Labeled Beer Glass | Amazon
$38.99 ($6.50 / Count)

Each glass features unique hop names and bespoke hop artwork so you can easily keep track of your glass. Never lose your beer again!

Buy at Amazon
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Libbey Craft Brews Stout Beer GlassesMost durable

Another amazing set that includes 4 stout beer glasses is this one from Libbey. Each of the glasses has a 20-ounce capacity and delivers a pleasant brew-tasting experience because of the shape and high liquid capacity. Aside from the perfect stout beer shape and design of these glasses, they are also durable, which is definitely a plus when you consider how many cheap beer glasses are out there.

Libbey Craft Brews Stout Beer Glasses


  •    A convenient set of 4 glasses.
  •   Relatively thick and durable.
  •   Dishwasher-safe.


  •    The glass bottom has a slight bulge.

Who Should Buy This?

This Libbey set is a great buy for the stout beer enthusiast but also for those who value durability over other aspects.

Libbey Craft Brews Stout Beer Glasses | Amazon
$29.49 ($7.37 / Count)

Show some love for your favorite beer enthusiast! The Libbey Craft Brews 4-piece Stout Glass Set makes a great gift or a valuable addition to your home glassware collection. The generous capacity and type-specific shape enhance the flavor and experience of stouts, porters, dark ales, or other beverages. Cheers!

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BCups Stout CupsBest plastic cups

When glass is too fragile and too heavy to carry around, there’s always the option of purchasing plastic cups, like these BCups right here. They are the ideal companion for those who like to enjoy stout on the go, as they can easily be packed and taken on camping trips, fishing trips, picnics, barbecues, pool parties, etc. They are made from BPA-free plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher.

BCups Stout Cups


  •   BPA-free.
  •   Dishwasher-safe.
  •   Lightweight and easy to carry.


  •   Thinner than expected.

Who Should Buy This?

Whenever you want to enjoy some stout beer away from home, and you’re looking for lightweight and easy-to-clean cups, this set is there to help you.

BCups Stout Cups | Amazon
$19.99 ($5.00 / Count)

100% dishwasher safe, BPA and BPS free, and shatterproof. These cups are hard to destroy and will give you a long life!

Buy at Amazon
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Libbey Craft Brews Porter/Stout Glass SetEditor’s choice

This transparent beer glass with a capacity of 14.75 ounces is ideal for porter and stout ales. The beer is elevated by the stem, and the shape of the glass emphasizes the dark, rich color of your favorite brews. The set comes with four identical glasses that are dishwasher safe and made in the USA. They may have a simple design, but they are some of the best stout glasses money can buy right now.

Libbey Craft Brews Porter/Stout Glass Set


  •   Dishwasher-safe.
  •   Easy to hold.
  •   Great for stouts and porters.


  •   Complaints about damage upon delivery.

Libbey Craft Brews Porter/Stout Glass Set | Amazon

This 14.75-ounce capacity clear beer glass works great for Porter and Stout ales. The stem elevates the beer and the glass shape enhances the dark, rich color of these ales.

Buy at Amazon
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Who Should Buy This?

Amlong Crystal Lead-Free Beer Mug: Best glass mug

The old-fashioned English mug is the favorite container for drinking stout beer across many pubs and households, so here is an option that gives you what you’re craving. This set of two mugs delivers a great price per product, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beer in a 12-ounce container. Both of these mugs are made from dishwasher-safe material, and you have the possibility to buy them in a 16-ounce version.

Amlong Crystal Lead-Free Beer Mug


  •   Dishwasher-safe.
  •   Traditional design.
  •   2 size options are available.


  •    The handle is a little too small.

Who Should Buy This?

If it’s a good glass beer mug you’re after, this is a set of two mugs that comes at a great price-per-product, offering one of the best price-to-quality ratios out there.

Amlong Crystal Lead-Free Beer Mug | Amazon
$15.98 ($7.99 / Count)

Traditional and Classic Beer Glasses. The 12-ounce size is perfect for a 12-ounce bottle of beer.

Buy at Amazon
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HAUCOZE Beer Stein MugBest Ceramic Stout Glass

If you’re serious about drinking stout beer out of a fancy mug that’s clearly designed for the true beer-lover, you have to check out the HAUCOZE mug. Made from ceramic, the thick and high-quality material allows you to store the stein in the freezer, which will keep your beverages cold for an extended period of time. It has a pewter lid that helps trap flavour inside the stein and prevents your beer from going stale too quickly. Also, it has a generous 20.5 oz capacity.

HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug


  •   Made from durable ceramic.
  •   Holds up to 20.5 oz.
  •    It can be stored in the freezer.


  •    The lid can be annoying when drinking.

Who Should Buy This?

If you want to experience fresh stout beer for longer or you’re interested in a gorgeous beer mug designed for the true connoisseur, you have to check out the HAUCOZE stout mug.

Haucoze Beer Stein Mug | Amazon

This German-Themed ceramic beer stein features a detailed engraved Bavarian Circus and Oktoberfest relief. It is not just a real beer mug but can be used as a decoration.

Buy at Amazon
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DIY Glass Etching: Personalize Your Stout Beer Glasses

If you want to have personalized stout beer glasses, but would also like to be a part of the process instead of turning to service and having someone else do it for you, this is a kit that offers tools such as stencils, practice glass, applicator stick, brushes, and other items needed to make your own cool-looking stout glasses. The process is pretty simple:

  •   Step 1: Make sure the glass surface you want to personalize is clean.
  •   Step 2: Apply the stencil and use an applicator stick to rub it on the surface. Apply even pressure to make sure the stencil is properly stuck to the glass.
  •   Step 3: Peel off the top carrier sheet.
  •   Step 4: Apply the glass etching cream using the brush on the entire surface of the stencil.
  •   Step 5: After leaving the etching cream on for a minute, rinse it.
  •   Step 6: Remove the stencil and properly wash the glass before using it.
Armour Etch Glass Etching Starter Kit | Amazon

A condensed version of our popular Deluxe Glass Etching Kit. This kit is the perfect introduction to the art of Creative Glass Etching. Makes a great gift for that special do-it-yourselfer on your list.

Buy at Amazon
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Question: What is a stout glass?

Answer: Designed specifically for stout servings, a stout glass can take various forms: a snifter, a tulip glass, a mug, or a pint glass.

Question: What is the best glass for a stout beer?

Answer: When choosing the correct type of stout glass, look for one with a wide rim that allows for lots of head. When a dark beer is poured, it produces an above-average volume of froth, often known as a head. Because of the surplus head, beer ingredients such as hop oils, tastes, and spices are trapped within the beer, resulting in a full-bodied drinking experience for the consumer. Because of this, it’s critical to choose mugs and glasses with ample capacity and a wide mouth opening. It is a common consensus that the Spiegelaus is the best glass for stout beer.

Question: Are porters and stouts the same?

Answer: Porters and stouts are available in a wide variety of styles, each with its own distinctive features. To put it another way, porters are often lighter in color and alcohol content than stouts, and they include a variety of chocolate, coffee, and caramel flavors. Still, they lack the burnt, roasty aspects that are typically associated with stouts.

The Bottom Line on Stout Glasses

Summing up everything we’ve learned today, it’s safe to say that the Libbey Craft stout beer glasses are the optimal choice because they are easy to clean, are thick and durable, and come in a set of four at a good price. Looking for the best Irish stout beer to drink in your new glasses? Check out our guide to all the best Irish stout beers right here or continue reading to find out more about the best pilsner glasses if you’re into pilsner instead.

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