Broken Skull IPA Review

Broken Skull IPA Review and Guide: Will You Love It?

The Broken Skull IPA is a collaboration product of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the El Segundo brewing company. Knowing the man behind the beer, it’s safe to say that this is a bad IPA for those who need a good, cold beer after a day’s worth of honest work.

Clear and flavorful, this beer features a deep dark golden color with minimum haze. It is a medium-bodied beer and contains appropriate carbonation. Before we go into our Broken Skull IPA Review let’s take a look at some of the main features this beer has to offer.

Key Features of Broken Skull IPA

  • Flavor: Floral flavors with an orange aftertaste
  • Color: Dark golden yellow with a frothy white head
  • Aroma: Tropical and stone fruits, floral notes, and soft citrus
  • Mouthfeel: Juicy and foamy, slightly dry aftertaste
  • Bitterness: Piney and long-lasting
  • Alcohol Content: 6.7%

What Does Broken Skull IPA Taste Like?

Broken Skull IPA Taste

A well-balanced taste, spicy and fruity hops help this IPA get to the top of the people’s list. It’s really enjoyable to consume and enjoy. This beer, specially created for working men and women, is ideal for an after-work get-together.

It tastes like light pale toasted honey malt with old-school pine and grapefruit rind hop bitter flavors, but with enough orange and tangerine from the Citra hop to give it a lot more range than most west coast IPAs.

Spicy, tropical, with crisp carbonation and sharpness on the tongue, this beer brings out the vivid flavor of the hops and is a satisfying experience after a long day at the office.

The flavor begins with peachy-citrus hops, followed by piney-citrus bitterness from the dry hops. Earthy and bitter floral hops, semi-dried passion fruit and apricot fruitiness, and underlying flavors of damp grassiness provide occasional brilliant flashes.

Towards the finishing sips, the taste of peachy mangoes along with hops makes their appearance back. Moreover, in the end, this beer tastes a little woody too. The bitterness at the end is long-lasting.

The Color

The Broken Skull IPA has a golden-yellow appearance with a modest white head focused on maintaining a deep color. However, this beer emphasizes a dark golden color but is also inclined towards haziness in the pour.

There is a quarter-inch of the frothy, long-lasting head that is present. However, there isn’t a lot of lacing. Popular as a clear beer , the Broken Skull IPA has a classic color with the slightest haze. Along with the classic color, the pour is smooth and silky.

The Ingredients

Broken Skull IPA Ingredients


When it comes to brewing, Water is considered the ‘Head Honcho’ in the procedure. It is the most important element of the brewing procedure.

It sets the beer’s taste fundamentals by perceiving bitterness and hop employment of the finished beer product. Moreover, the pH level of water also decides the flavors and taste of Broken Skull IPA.


The Broken Skull IPA is a combination of hoppy and classic hops. This beer features the following hops:


Malts play the most important role in establishing the basis for Broken Skull IPA’s flavor. The beer’s deep golden color comes directly from the malts used in the brewing process.


Every component in the powerful Broken Skull IPA has its function to perform throughout the brewing process. Likewise, yeast isn’t an exception. The yeast is in charge of efficiently breaking down glucose particles into carbon dioxide and alcohol. In reality, the yeast works the same way for any beer, not just Broke Skull IPA.

The Fermentation Procedure

Broken Skull IPA Fermentation

Fermentation is a chemical reaction that breaks down molecules like glucose in an anaerobic environment. In a larger sense, Fermentation is the foaming that occurs during the creation of wine and beer, a process that has been around for at least 10,000 years.

This is the most crucial stage of the Broken Skull IPA brewing process. Fermentation is all about providing the yeast with the best conditions possible for converting the carbohydrates into the wort into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and the flavors and aromas you desire.

One of the most important elements is the dissolved oxygen concentration, as well as the ferment temperature.

Step 1

The wort is put into a fermentation vessel previously inoculated with yeast to begin the process. Once the fermentation of Broken Skull IPA has begun, all sides of the fermenter are filled to prevent air from entering. If the machine’s apertures aren’t properly sealed, outside air will likely enter the fermenter and infect the yeast.

Step 2

As the fermentation progresses, the yeast begins to settle down in the fermenter. When the beer is at its most fermented, it is checked to see if all of the yeast has gathered on the bottom.

After the Broken Skull IPA beer has finished fermenting, the yeast is removed and extracted to be used in future fermentations. It can be used as long as the remaining yeast does not mutate and develop an unfamiliar taste.

Step 3

The next step is to determine the amount of alcohol in the sample. The alcohol concentration is determined when a certain gravity level is obtained following fermentation. CO2 is emitted from a long vent pipe if the beer liquid has gained an adequate alcohol concentration.

Step 4

The fermenter has absorbed all the carbon dioxides now that the vent tube is closed and packed. This begins to build up pressure in the beer, and carbonation is introduced to the fermenter. When the Broken Skull IPA reaches the final stage, though, extra carbonation is added.

Step 5

After the beer has been carbonated and the fermentation process is complete, it is allowed to rest. After the liquid has cooled, the leftover yeast settles, collecting and storing it for future fermentations. Other solid particles, such as unwanted protein, are removed from the solution during the chilling step.

Step 6

As the fermentation process nears completion, the Broken Skull IPA is transferred from the fermenter to the filter, where it is settled and chilled. After that, the beer is transferred to the Bright Beer Tank.

Step 7

This is where a porous stone is used to manually impart carbonation to the Broken Skull IPA. The beer is then shipped to be bottled and kegged at this point.

Broken Skull IPA ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

Broken Skull IPA has 6.7% alcohol by volume , making it ideal for daytime and after-work beer. In fact, it’s a favorite amongst the working class, both men and women, who want to have an affordable, tasty, and light beer after work.

The Bottle Packaging

Broken Skull IPA Bottle Packaging

The Broken Skull IPA’s bottle design is stylish and unique. The pour is housed in a 12.0oz bottle with an exemplary design. In addition, these bottles and cans come in 6-, 12-, and 24-pack cardboard packaging, making them easy to transfer and carry from one location to another.

Where to Purchase Broken Skull IPA?

The great creation of Steve Austin and El Segundo Brewing Company has gained enough recognition over time. It is widely available in any corner of the world. You can purchase Broken Skull IPA from online retailers such as Hop culture, Craftshack, Drizly, and total wine. Moreover, you can also look for the Broken Skull IPA from big stores such as Tesco or Walmart. They are also easily accessible there.

How did the El Segundo Brewing Company Begin?

The Second Brewing Company was established on a passion for hops. This brewing company began with the goal to create a beer that rivaled that of San Diego. The hop-forwarded company first began in the back garage, after which in 2010, it leased a space. Now the company owns and occupies the place at 140 Main St.

Where is Broken Skull IPA Brewed Today?

Professional wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has been a die-hard beer fan for as long as we all can remember. The image of him catching two cans, smashing them together, and dowsing himself in beer is etched in every wrestling fan’s memory.

He has been brewing Broken Skull IPA since 2015 with El Segundo Brewing Company. So now it has been almost more than six years. The beer is brewed in California; however, it is accessible all around the United States and the world.

Pros and Cons of Broken Skull IPA

Broken Skull IPA

Pros of Consuming Broken Skull IPA

  • The broken skull IPA is a medium-bodied drink.
  • It has a minimal head and good retention.
  • This beer is easy to drink and is full of delectable flavors.
  • It gives a light-medium mouthfeel.
  • The broken skull IPA is easily accessible all around the world.
  • It has a combination of various tastes, and all of them are neatly balanced.
  • This beer is considered a ‘regular fridge IPA.’
  • It is a byproduct of exceptional hops and malts.

Cons of Consuming Broken Skull IPA

  • Although the Broken Skull IPA has 6.7% alcohol by relatively higher volume, it’s covered by the incredible flavors in the beer.
  • The Broken Skull IPA has a lasting bitterness even in the aftertaste.
  • This beer has a crispy end; however, a bit of oil slickness is also observed.

Additional El Segundo Brewing Company Products

Mayberry IPA

Mayberry IPA

The Mayberry IPA has many hop aromas, citrus, lemon zest, pink grapefruit, and slight floral hints. This beer pours a clear golden-colored liquid with a well-sized thick and frothy white foam.

No Comply West Coast IPA

No Comply West Coast IPA

The No Comply West Coast IPA pours a medium yellow-colored beer. It has two fingers of frothy-to-fizzy white head. This beer has got several bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass at various speeds. The lacing is kept to a minimum. However, the retention is poor.

Broken Skull IPA Alternatives

Wipeout IPA

Wipeout IPA

Port Brewing Company’s wipeout IPA is a celebratory brew. Amarillo, Centennial, and Cascade hops are used in this West Coast India Pale Ale made in the San Diego style. This excellent beer is available all year with a 7.5% alcohol content.

Lagunitas Daytime IPA

Lagunitas Daytime IPA

Lagunitas Daytime IPA is a low-carb/calorie craft beer with a resinous, piney, and slightly citrus flavor. In addition, it contains magnificent grassy, ​​​​​​floral, and lemon zest tastes.

Burial Surf Wax IPA

Burial Surf Wax IPA

This West Coast-style IPA is brewed with Golden Promise and Crystal 120 malts and supercharged with Nelson Sauvin, and Columbus hops for a hefty, dank flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Hops are Used to Brew Broken Skull IPA?

Answer: The Broken Skull IPA is a combination of great hops. These hops are responsible for giving the beer a very flavorful taste. The Cascade, Chinook, and Citra Hops are used in the brewing procedure of the Broken Skull IPA.

Question: What is the Alcohol Concentration of the Broken Skull IPA?

Answer: Although, the alcohol by volume of the Broken Skull IPA is 6.7% which is a little high. However, the delectable flavor of hops and malts efficiently covers it while giving the drinker a worthwhile experience.

Question: Are there any Benefits of Consuming the Broken Skull IPA?

Answer: Consuming a moderate amount of the Broken Skull IPA with various benefits. This beer is considered more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks. Moderate consumption can be more effective and beneficial in a lot of other ways. It strengthens your bones and also does a great job of protecting your heart.

Additionally, adequate intake of the Broken Skull IPA will also help improve your cognitive function. However, one thing that has to be kept in mind is too much of a good thing is also bad. This means if you make excessive consumption of Broken Skull IPA a routine, it can prove to be very damaging.

Question: How does the Broken Skull IPA Taste do?

Answer: The dark golden pour on the taste of the west coast IPA with peachy citrus hops flavor. The starting sips of the Broken Skull IPA gives an idea of ​​​​​​sweetness which is replaced with bitterness towards the end.

Question: When was this Beer Introduced?

Answer: The Broken Skull IPA beer came out on the market in 2015. It is a collaboration product of Steve Austin and the El Segundo Brewing Company.

Question: How Many Calories are there in the Broken Skull IPA?

Answer: The single glass of the Broken Skull IPA contains 200 calories per every 12 ounces.

Question: Is the Broken Skull IPA an Extremely Bitter Beer?

Answer: The first few sips of the Broken Skull IPA show off a sweet taste. However, towards the end of the beer, it gets more bitter. Most specifically, the aftertaste of the beer is dry and is super bitter. It may be refreshing for some, but it might be a reason for them to avoid this beer for others.

Broken Skull IPA Review: The Bottom Line

If you want to unwind after an exhausting day, this is a great beer for you. Broken Skull IPA is a simple yet delicious beer.

This little hazy golden pour is an excellent beer prepared from the finest ingredients and brewing techniques. As suggested by its name, the mouthfeel is exceptionally satisfying and frothy too.

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