Ariana Hops Guide: an Excellent Hop for Homebrewing

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It is fair to say that Germans love beer. Tasty and thirst-quenching, this beverage is treasured and idolized in that part of the world. With centuries of brewing heritage and a passion like no other, it is also fair to say that Germans know beer. When German master cross-breeders introduce new hop varieties into the market, all beer lovers need to take notice.

The Ariana Hop is one such variety and has only been available to public brewers for the past five years. Ariana is a young hop bred for aromatic qualities, containing high levels of essential oils.

It delivers bold notes of juicy tropical fruit, black currants, peach, pear, and over-ripe blackberries, proceeded by smooth undertones of seasoned oak and fresh tobacco. The Ariana Hop works well in single-hop IPAs, and single-hop ales and pairs well with other European hop varieties.

This Ariana Hops Guide will explore the history of Ariana Hops, its general characteristics, Ariana Hop Alternatives, and which beer styles and brands use Ariana Hops in their brewing process.

Pros and Cons of Ariana Hops

Ariana Hops


  • Excellent Hop Variety from the Hops Research Center in Hüll, Germany
  • A Versatile Hop with Aromatic, Bittering, and Dry-Hopping Capabilities
  • High Essential Oils Content
  • Bold Notes of Juicy Tropical Fruit, Pear, Peach, Black Currants, and Over-Ripe Black Berries
  • Smooth Undertones of Fresh Tobacco and Seasoned Oak
  • High Yielding
  • Resistant to Wilt Diseases and Powdery Mildew
  • Tolerant to Downy Mildew and Aphids
  • Hop Pellets are Easily Accessible For Home-Brewing


  • No Seeds or Rhizomes are Available for Home-Growers at this Stage
  • Low to Moderate Alpha Acid Content

The History of Ariana Hops

Developed by the Hops Research Center in Hüll, Germany, the Ariana Hop was released to the public in 2016. Ariana is a cross between wild hop germplasm (male) and the German Hercules Hop (female). 

Acid and Oil Composition

Acid Composition

  • Alpha Acids = 9%-13%
  • Beta Acids = 4%-6%
  • Cohumulone = 40%-42%

Oil Composition

  • Myrcene = 356mg/100g
  • Humulene = 205 mg/100g
  • Caryophyllene = 62mg/100g
  • Linalool = 6 mg/100g
  • Farnecene = 2mg/100g
  • Total Oil Composition = 1.5ml-2.4ml/100g

General Characteristics of Ariana Hops


Best Climate?

Ariana Hops grow best in a cool to moderate climate. The average temperatures in Hull, Germany, vary between 36°F (2.2°C) to 69°F (20.5°C) and rarely fall below 27°F (-3°C) or rise above 77°F (25°C).

How Do They Look?

Ariana Hops grow tall and wide; the gorgeous cones are deep green and medium to large. The cones are perfectly shaped and densely compacted.

What Are They Used For?

Ariana Hops were developed for their aromatic descriptors and contain high levels of essential oils. Essential oils deliver the sweet aromas of juicy tropical fruit, pear, peach, black currants, and over-ripe blackberries, with smooth undertones of fresh tobacco and seasoned oak.

How Do You Grow Ariana Hops?

Unfortunately, at this stage, Ariana Hop Seeds or Rhizomes are not yet available for home-growers. 

Ariana Hop Alternatives

Below is a list of three hop varieties with similar characteristics to Ariana Hops:


pellet hops

The Herkules Hop was created by the Hop Research center in Hull, Germany, and released in 2005. Herkules is the offspring of Hallertau Taurus and is primarily a bittering hop with high levels of Alpha Acid (12%-17%).

The high Alpha Acid content allows for extreme bitterness resulting in a refreshing and thirst-quenching beer. Herkules Hops are suited for German Ales and modern-day American IPA. 

Along with the outstanding bittering properties, this unique hop variety also delivers soft notes of earthy pine, freshly ground black pepper, and juicy melon. Herkules is easily accessible and a great Hop for all home-brewers to keep in their brewing arsenal.

Hüll Melon

Hüll Melon

Hüll Melon is another relatively new hop variety created by the Hop Research Institute in Hull, Germany. Released in 2012, it is the daughter of the Cascade Hop and was created as an aroma hop with high levels of essential oils. Hüll Melon Hops contains low levels of Alpha acids but do bring a slight bitterness to the beer. 

Hüll Melon delivers sweet and unmistakable aromas and tastes of fresh strawberries and juicy honeydew melon. Hüll Melon is intensely fruity and created in response to the boom in the craft beer sector, where bold aromas, unorthodox flavors, and high levels of bitterness are the order of the day.

Hallertau Blanc

Hallertau Blanc

Hallertau Blanc is a stylish hop variety created by the Hop Research Center in Hull, Germany. Hallertau Blanc was bred to meet the demand for American craft beers and released alongside Hull Melon in 2012. The Hallertau Hop is another offspring of the Cascade Hop, bred as an aroma hop with moderate to high levels of essential oils and low to medium levels of Alpha Acids. 

Hallertau Blanc is typically used as a late boiling addition and for dry-hopping, which releases powerful fruity aromas of gooseberries and fresh grass. The white wine descriptors are proceeded by subtle undertones of tropical fruits, lemongrass, grapefruit, and juicy grapes. A Low to medium Alpha Acid content allows for moderate bitterness and a refreshing finish.

Popular Beer Styles Made With Ariana Hops



Below is a list of four popular beer styles that use Ariana and other hop varieties in their brewing process:

Amber Ale

Amber Ale (also known as West Coast Ale, American Amber Ale, and Red Ale) is an easy-drinking by-product of the popular all-American Pale Ale. Amber Ale was first created in California and the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s by increasing the malt content and decreasing the hops of traditional American Pale Ale.

Amber Ale is darker than Pale Ale that delivers lovely tastes and aromas of crystal malts, sweet toffee, creamy caramel, and toasted bread. The all-natural sweetness is perfectly balanced with a mild yet refreshing bitterness.

The finish is rewarding and lingering. I enjoy drinking an Amber Ale in the winter months when the temperature is cool. This beer style compliments warm hearty home-cooked meals by the fireplace. Amber Ale offers an ABV of between 4.5% and 6.2%.

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer is a delicious adjunct-style beer that some believe dates back 6,000 – 8,000 years. The Sumerians of Mesopotamia were the first nation to brew wheat beer, but Bavarian Duke Maximillian modernized this beer style in Bavaria, Germany. This beer style is also known as Weizenbier or Witbier. Wheat beer became the most popular beer of that period, consumed by peasants and noblemen.

Wheat Beer is brewed using at least 30% wheat in the brewing process. This imparts incredible tastes of sour bread and yeast, with notes of malty goodness and citrus. Delicate aromas of banana, bubble gum, and cloves, are followed by a smooth and refreshing finish. Wheat Beer offers a low to moderate ABV between 2.5% and 5%.

Pale Ale

Pale Ale (commonly known as Bitters) is a classic example of a traditional British-style beer. The Pale Ale recipe dates back to 1703 and is an enormous part of British culture. George Hodgson from the Bow Brewery in London slightly modified the original recipe in 1790 by increasing the number of hops in the brewing process.

The increase of hops in the boil increased bitterness and alcohol content. This is how the name Bitters came about, and all traditional British Pale Ales are brewed to this recipe.   

Pale Ale is a superb beer for beer lovers who enjoy a delicate balance between sweet and bitter. Traditional Ales have always imparted fruity and yeasty aromas, but the increase in hops bumps the bitterness up just enough to make pale ales well-rounded and enjoyable. It is the perfect pub drink and pairs well with pub food, snack baskets, and niblets. Pale Ale offers an ABV of between 4.5% and 5.5%.

India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale is Pale Ale on steroids and was first made for sailors traveling on long sea voyages in the 1840s. The brewers of the time discovered that hops were excellent at preserving beer, so they loaded traditional Pale Ale with an obscene amount of natural hops.

The ludicrous amount of hops did preserve their beloved brew but also significantly increased the hop taste, aromas, and bitterness. 

IPA Style Beer imparts bold fruity tastes and aromas, particularly citrus. The aromas of IPA-style beer are strong, and the flavors are bold. The bitterness is through the roof, and the finish is long and lingering. IPA is not for the faint-hearted; if you enjoy sweet malty beer, light lagers, or blonde ale, this may not be the best choice for you. India Pale Ale offers an ABV of between 4.5%-20%.

Commercial Beer Brands Made Using Only Ariana Hops

Burgdorfer Bier

Below is a list of three unique and great-tasting beers made using only Ariana Hops:

Schützenhaus Ariana Single Hop Pale Ale

Schützenhaus Ariana Single Hop Pale Ale is a master brew by Burgdorfer Bier in Bern, Switzerland. The Swiss are renowned for exceptional cheese and silky smooth chocolate, but they produce some outstanding beers too. The country is known to have the cleanest and purest water on the planet, which is a critical ingredient in making world-class beers.

The Schützenhaus Arina Single Hop is an easy-drinking and full-flavored Pale Ale that keeps you wanting more. It is refreshing and rewarding with bold aromas of lime, grapefruit, and orange. The finish is long and lingering. Schützenhaus Ariana Single Hop Pale Ale offers an ABV of 5.2%.

Orca Kellerbier Ariana

Kellerbier Ariana is a delightful organic beer produced by the Orca Brewery (Brau) in Nürnberg, Germany. The Orca Brewery (Brau) has been brewing authentic beer since 2017 and is well-known for new and interesting beer styles. The beers produced in this brewery are all-natural with bold tastes and aromas, brewed under the watchful eye of founder and owner Felix Vom Endt.

The Kellerbier Ariana is medium-bodied and full of flavor, staying true to German heritage. You encounter sweet citrus notes, followed by a hint of rich malt. It is well-balanced and well-rounded, with a refreshing and flavorful finish. Orca Kellerbier Ariana is a great beer to enjoy with lunch or dinner and offers an ABV of 5.4%.

Ariana Radler Limon

Ariana Radler Limon is a non-alcoholic light/shandy style beer produced by the Zagorka Brewery in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The brewery was opened by Dr. Konstantin Kozhuharov in 1902, who happened to be the first-ever registered brewer in the country. In 1994, the brewery was sold to Heinekin, but all beers are made to Dr. Konstantin Kozhuharovs’ original recipes.

The Ariana Radler Limon is light and tasty, perfect for hot sunny days lazing around the pool. Ariana Radler contains zero alcohol and can even be enjoyed with a late breakfast or brunch. It pours hazy pale yellow and looks as good as it tastes. Sweet lemon and citrus flavors and aromas are complemented by soft notes of pale malt. Ariana Radler is easy-drinking and thirst-quenching and offers an ABV of 0.0%.

Commercial Beer Brands That Use Ariana Hops With Other Hop Varieties

Below is a list of three quality beer brands that combine Ariana with other hop varieties when brewing their beloved beer:

Flying Monkeys Tiny Little Blizzards Northern Hemisphere Winter IPA

Flying Monkeys Tiny Little Blizzards Northern Hemisphere Winter IPA

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery is one of Canada’s most creative craft breweries and has been producing iconic beer since 2004. The Flying Monkeys Brewery was initially traded as Robert Simpson Brewery but rebranded to Flying Monkeys Brewery in 2008.

Tiny Little Blizzards Northern Hemisphere Winter IPA is an outstanding IPA brewed to help the locals through the cold arduous Canadian winters. There are five hop varieties used in this brew, including Ariana, Eureka, El Dorado, Cashmere, and Sultan.

This incredible winter IPA imparts lovely tastes and aromas of resin, and fresh spruce, followed by notes of juicy peach, soft melon, pineapple, pine, and citrus. Northern Hemisphere Winter IPA is full-flavored and pairs well with white meats, pizza, pasta, and grilled meats. Tiny Little Blizzards Northern Hemisphere Winter IPA offers an ABV of 7%.

Fire Island Buffalo

Fire Island Buffalo

Fire Island Buffalo is a robust amber ale produced by the Evan Evans Brewery in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The brewery opened in 2004, but founder Simon Buckley is a seventh-generation brewmaster with centuries of brewing expertise at his disposal. 

Fire Island Buffalo is a superb American Styled Dark Amber Ale. It is full-flavored, full-bodied, and imparts bold fruity tastes and aromas with high levels of malt. The taste of this beer is unmistakable, the perfect beverage for barbeques and bonfires. Fire Island Buffalo is offered with an ABV of 5.1%.

Wywar German IPA 15°

Wywar German IPA 15° is a German-inspired India pale Ale produced by the Holíčsky pivovar Wywar Brewery in the Czech Republic. The microbrewery opened its doors in 2014 in the Slovakian Border Town of Holíč, which has traditionally been a wine-producing region. Due to microbreweries like the Holíčsky pivovar Wywar Brewery, beer is now more popular than ever in this wine-obsessed province. 

Wywar German IPA 15° is an exceptional German-style India Pale made using Ariana, Herkules, and Hull Melon hops. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are Ariana Hops from Italy?

Answer: Ariana Hops originated in Hull, Germany, the variety was developed by the Hop Research Center and released to the public in 2016. This region and country are well-known for producing some of the best hops in the world, including the highly prized and much sought-after Noble Hops. 

Question: Do Ariana Hops Have Low Levels or High Levels of Alpha Acid?

Answer: Ariana Hops have an Alpha Acid content between 6% and 13%. The common range for Alpha Acids is between 2% and 18%. Therefore, Ariana Hops have a low to moderate level of Alpha Acids. 

Question: What do Alpha Acids in Ariana Hops do?

Answer: Alpha Acids are a crucial part of the hop and are responsible for the bitterness in the brewing process. The higher the level of Alpha Acid, the higher the level of bitterness. At the same time, extended periods of boiling will result in the isomerization of more Alpha Acids and an increased bitterness in the final product.     

Question: Can Ariana Hops be Grown at Home?

Answer: While the Ariana Hop Pellets are widely available, there are no seeds or rhizomes available to the public. This young hop variety was only released in 2016, so I am sure Ariana Hop seeds and rhizomes will be available to home-growers soon.

Conclusion: Ariana Hops Guide

The Ariana Hop is an excellent hop variety created by the Hop Research Center in Hull, Germany. Ariana is a young hop that was only released in 2016, purposely bred to contain high levels of essential oils to deliver potent aromas to all types of beer. Ariana is a wonderful cross between wild hop germplasm (male) and the German Hercules Hop (female). 

The Arina Hop is versatile, and although the primary function is to add aroma, it does contain sufficient levels of Alpha Acid that deliver a low to moderate level of hop bitterness. This hop variety also has fantastic dry-hopping capabilities when added to the end of the boil. 

The Ariana Hop imparts bold notes of juicy tropical fruit, Black Currants, Peach, Pear, and over-ripe blackberries. These lovely notes are proceeded by smooth undertones of seasoned oak and fresh tobacco. 

This aromatic hop variety is high yielding, resistant to wilt disease and powdery mildew, and tolerant to downy mildew and aphids. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for home-growers in the form of seeds or rhizomes, but the hop pellets are readily available from Great Fermentations, Amazon, Yakima Valley Hops, and Hop Alliance.

The Ariana is a great hop for all home brewers, allowing you to beef up the aromas of your homemade goodness. It works well in single-hop IPAs and pairs well with other European hop varieties.

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