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Best Homebrew Burners Guide – My Picks to Improve the Quality of Your Homebrews

Boiling the wort is an important part of the brewing process as it eliminates harmful bacteria and ensures you don’t spoil your beer. As I homebrew regularly, I like having my own dedicated space for brewing beer, and this is why I think investing in a homebrew burner is essential.

A homebrew burner will allow you to get away from the kitchen, making cleaning up a lot easier and speeding up the boiling process.

My guide to the best homebrew burners will let you take your homebrewing efforts to the next level with a powerful piece of equipment, so you can start creating fantastic-tasting beers and ales.

Bottom Line Up Front: I think the Edelmetall Brü Burner is the best homebrew burner you can buy and it has helped me successfully make some delicious beers and ales. This German-engineered burner provides precision heat which is important in boiling the wort, has the capacity for making a decent-sized batch, and is one of the easiest burners to use. While the BTU isn’t as high as some models, the Edelmetall Brü Burner is an excellent piece of home brewing equipment.

At a Glance: 5 of the Best Homebrew Burners

Homebrew burner Best for… BTU More Info
Edelmetall Brü Burner Best overall homebrew burner 72,000 BTU Find out more
Eastman Outdoors 90411 Portable Kahuna Burner Best for portability 65,000 BTU Find out more
Concord Professional Single Banjo Wok Burner Best for small batches 270,000 BTU Find out more
Gas One Portable Propane 100 Best budget option 100,000 BTU Find out more
Northern Brewer – Dark Star Propane Burner for Beer Brewing Best starter homebrew burner 65,000 BTU Find out more

Why You Should Use a Homebrew Burner

I converted to using a homebrew burner some time ago, and I think it is a vital piece of equipment for anyone who wants to make their own beer.

I used to just make smaller batches of beer on my stove. While this was fine at the beginning – mainly because I was still getting used to the brewing process – as my skills developed, I realized that I needed more power and capacity to make larger batches.

Some of the advantages I have found with using a homebrew burner include the following:

  • It will free up space in your kitchen.
  • A burner will speed up the brewing process.
  • You can make larger batches of beer.

I also think that the quality of my homebrewed beer and ale has improved by using a burner rather than a stovetop. Even though my brewing skills have improved, using this equipment has helped me create better-tasting beers in larger batches.

homebrew burner

Selection Criteria

As someone who likes to homebrew quality beers and ales, I always look for the best equipment. I think paying for sub-par items means you will need to replace them sooner than you would like, so I applied some criteria to create my list of the best homebrew burners. This included:

  • BTU – I made sure that all the burners have a good BTU output to allow the wort to boil correctly, as this is vital in the homebrewing process.
  • Durability – The homebrew burners on my list are all pretty durable and should be able to withstand quite a few brews before needing to be replaced.
  • Batch size – I have included burners to accommodate different batch sizes, but all the models can boil 5 gallons as a minimum.
  • Cost – Even though some of my choices cost more than others, all of these burners are affordable to the average homebrewing enthusiast.

5 Best Best Homebrew Burners

Edelmetall Brü Burner – Best Overall Homebrew Burner

edelmetall brü burner

My top pick for a homebrew burner is the Edelmetall Brü Burner, and this is the model I have used to create some fantastic-tasting beers and ales.

In my opinion, the overall construction of this burner is what sets it apart from every other model. While the BTU might not instantly stand out as exceptionally high (it has a 72,000 BTU), this burner will help you to make great homebrews.

I like the stainless steel and copper finish, and I also think adding the needle valve to prevent boil overs is vital. This burner works exceptionally well, and I have never had any issues. In fact, I’ve found it one of the most straightforward homebrew burners to use, and it would definitely suit someone who is just getting started with a burner at home.

You can make pretty big batches with his burner, and I have used a kettle with a capacity of 20 gallons without any issues.

While the finish will deteriorate after a few uses, it is the functionality of this burner that is most important rather than the aesthetics.


  • This burner has fantastic engineering and works like a charm.
  • You can use a kettle of up to 20 gallons on this model.
  • I like the overall finish and how easy it is to use.
  • This burner isn’t too expensive, so it should suit most budgets.


  • I don’t have any negatives about this heat tape.

Eastman Outdoors 90411 Portable Kahuna Burner – Best for Portability

eastman outdoors 90411 portable kahuna burner

Portability could be an important factor to consider depending on where you want to use a homebrew burner. This is why I have included the Eastman Outdoors 90411 Portable Kahuna Burner, as I think it is a great little burner that can be easily transported.

This burner has a BTU of 65,000. While this is a bit low compared to some models, it is enough to boil the wort in the brewing process and will work up to 5 gallons. Even though this is quite a compact burner, I like it for moving around, and it can accommodate a kettle of up to 10 gallons. However, I recommend keeping it at 5 gallons due to the BTU.

I don’t think there is much wrong with this homebrew burner. It probably won’t suit you if you want to brew a big batch (hence why I prefer the Edelmetall Brü_), but it is ideal for smaller brews.


  • Very portable burners and it is easy to move around.
  • Has a decent BTU, although a bit on the low side.
  • I think it works well for smaller batches of beer.


  • I don’t think this burner will work for batches over 5 gallons.

Concord Professional Single Banjo Wok Burner – Best for Small Batches

concord professional single banjo wok burner

The first thing I noticed about the Concord Professional Single Banjo Wok Burner when I saw it in action was the insane heat it gives off. This burner has a BTU of 270,000, which will make boiling the wort a breeze.

Even though I always focus on functionality rather than aesthetics, I liked the overall look of this burner. It is a lovely small and compact model that looks good as well.

The main reason I have included this burner on my list is that it will work best for small batches of homebrew. If you are trying out a new recipe and are wondering if you’ll like the result, this burner is perfect. You can boil up to 5 gallons with this burner. This won’t suit everyone, and I wouldn’t recommend this for avid homebrewers who regularly make big batches of beer and ale.

The Concord Professional Single Banjo Wok provides a fantastic heat output, looks the part, and is an ideal option if you don’t brew much beer at once.


  • A nicely designed burner that has a fantastic heat output.
  • I would recommend this burner for small batches of beer.


  • This model won’t suit you if you want to boil over 5 gallons.

Gas One Portable Propane 100 – Best Budget Option

gas one portable propane 100

When I started homebrewing, I wanted to do things as cheaply as possible. The good thing about making your own beer is that it can save you money down the line, but buying the intial equipment can be expensive.

So, I have included the Gas One Portable Propane 100 burner for anyone who wants to boil the wort and kickstart their homebrewing efforts on a tight budget.

This model is the cheapest on my list, but it still offers an impressive 100,000 BTU output. I like the sturdiness and overall construction of this burner. Even though it is the cheapest on my list, I think it is one of the most durable, which is an advantage, especially if you brew beer regularly.

I found the flame control and bit sensitive, and it takes a while to get the right flame to boil the wort. However, this is a small downside, and I still think this is a good option if you want to save money.


  • A budget-friendly option for homebrewers.
  • I like the overall construction of this burner.
  • It has a 100,000 BTU.


  • It takes a while to get used to the sensitivity of the flame control.

Northern Brewer – Dark Star Propane Burner for Beer Brewing = Best Starter Homebrew Burner

northern brewer

My last choice is the Northern Brewer – Dark Star Propane Burner for Beer Brewing.

I like this model because it comes from Northern Brewer, which is one of the favorite homebrewing suppliers for equipment and hops. This small burner is tailormade for making beer, and the 65,000 BTU is enough to boil off some small batches at home.

You can use some pretty big pots on this burner as it has a 17-inch area and can support up to 125 lbs. I also think the three-legged design helps with stability, as some burners can be a bit shaky, which is something you don’t want.

I’m not sold on the overall durability of this burner, as I’ve noticed that it can deteriorate after a while. I would perhaps recommend using this as a starter burner before moving on to a better model; however, the low price is an advantage.


  • I think this is a good starter model for new homebrewers.
  • It is made by a well-known homebrewing brand.
  • Decent BTU, and you can boil a fairly large pot.


  • You will probably want to upgrade to a better burner in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do you need a homebrew burner?

Answer: A homebrew burner can be invaluable for creating better-quality beers and ales. Aside from saving space in your kitchen, a burner can produce better heat to boil off the wort during the homebrew process.

Question: How many BTU do I need for brewing?

Answer: It depends. BTU stands for British thermal unit and is a measurement of how hot a burner can get. How much BTU you require will depend on how much you need to boil, but I recommend buying a burner with a minimum of 65,000 BTU.

Question: Can you brew beer on a gas stove?

Answer: Yes. This is how many homebrewers (including myself!) started out. However, a burner has many advantages, including saving space in your kitchen, creating a dedicated space to brew beer, and they can work more effectively than a stove.

Question: Why is boiling the wort necessary?

Answer: The primary reason you boil the wort as part of the brewing process is to get rid of any bacterial contamination. This step is vital to ensure you don’t get sick from your homebrew and allows it to taste good too.

My Verdict: What Is the Best Homebrew Burner?

I recommend choosing the Edelmetall Brü Burner to take your homebrews to the next level and also free up space in your kitchen. This burner has an exceptional construction, and I find it one of the easiest burners to use.

Even though the BTU isn’t remarkable at 72,000, its precision ensures you get an even boil, and I like the kettle capacity, which allows you to make pretty big batches of homebrewed beer and ale.

I’ve used the Edelmetall Brü Burner to make several homebrews, such as IPAs, lagers, and other ales, and I think it will do a fantastic job for any homebrew enthusiast.

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