Best Dual Tap Kegerator

The Best Dual Tap Kegerator Options

Imagine being able to enjoy your two favorite beers at once? Or maybe even your favorite beer and your favorite wine being chilled in the same place? With a dual tap kegerator, this is more than possible – it’s something that can be easily attained. A dual tap kegerator gives you the freedom to dispense two beers or beverages at once, all in the comfort of your own home.

Even if you own a bar, a dual tap kegerator is a great option to have as it will keep two different brews frosty and cold and ready to pour and drink. If you’ve ever wondered about whether it was worth it to own a dual tap kegerator, you have come to the right place. We have a rundown of all of the specifications of our favorite kegerator picks based on price, ease of use, and value.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: Kegerator by Kegco

Kegco is known for its top-performing kegerators, and that also means their signature dual tap kegerator. This is a great brand that delivers high-performing kegerators, no matter if you prefer the single tap or the double-tap option.

Best Portable Option: Danby Portable Kegerator

You can use this dual tap kegerator outdoors or indoors, making it highly portable and fun to use. It has easy-to-roll wheels at the bottom of it, so you will never have to pick it up manually. You simply only need to wheel it to the spot that you want it.

Best for Price: Ivation Dual Tap Kegerator

Ivation is known for its wonderful kegerators that come in a variety of price ranges. If you are looking for a dual tap kegerator that won’t break the bank, this one is your best bet. It may be on the more cost-effective side, but don’t let that fool you; Ivation makes great kegerators that can last a lifetime.

What Is A Dual Tap Kegerator?

Much like a single tap kegerator, a dual tap kegerator allows you to dispense two beverages at one time. The most common use of kegerators is to keep beer cold, so imagine being able to keep two of your favorite beers cold and on tap for whenever you want to dispense and drink them.

Kegerators can also be used for other beverages, such as wine, mead, or kombucha, so you could easily use your dual kegerator for wine and beer if you want to have more options than just one beverage. Kegerators keep your drinks cold and preserve your kegs for much longer than just a standalone keg dispenser.

beer and tap

Dual Tap VS Single Tap

A dual tap kegerator is great if you want to have more options. A dual tap keg can hold your favorite two beers or two beverages at one time. Whether you have a home kegerator or a kegerator for your bar, having two is just easier than having one. You can dispense each from one keg setup.

A dual tap kegerator is also great if you are someone who likes to have parties and wants the option of serving two beers, or two wines, or one wine and one beer at the same time. It’s just more convenient to have two keg beers available at the same time in the same place.

A single tap kegerator is great on its own because it does the same thing that a dual tap kegerator will do, just for one beverage. So, if you want a kegerator for your at-home bar, a single tap kegerator could be the best thing for you.

But, if you need to have two beverages at once, a single tap kegerator may not be your best option since you can’t dispense two beverages at once and at a higher volume. A single tap kegerator is best for just one favorite beer in your man cave or at your bar setup. It all boils down to how often you will use your kegerator.

Do You Need A Dual Tap Kegerator?

It’s not a bad idea to invest in a dual tap kegerator if you are someone who either owns a bar, is used to entertaining at home, or just prefers to have two beverages on tap at once. As kegerators can be a little pricey on their own if you invest in a kegerator, why not make it a dual tap kegerator and have more options?

Again, a dual tap kegerator is only best used if you plan to host many parties that would warrant this amount of alcohol being served at once. This is not to say that an at-home bar wouldn’t look great with a dual tap kegerator, but keep in mind that your kegs won’t last forever, so you are going to want to drink them as soon as possible.

While a dual tap kegerator will help keep your kegs fresh and pressurized, they will only be a great investment if you drink a lot of beer or plan to use up your kegs very quickly. You can’t leave your kegs sitting in there for months at a time, so the quicker you use them up, the better it is, and the more worthwhile a dual tap kegerator will be.

What to Look for In A Dual Tap Kegerator

There are a lot of personal specifications you can look for when hunting for your next dual tap kegerator, but these are some of the main features to consider before settling on a final purchase.


Size is going to be important because you need to determine just how big you need your kegerator. As kegerators can usually hold ¼, ½, or 1/6 kegs, you will need to decide just how big you want your kegerator to be. A dual tap kegerator will need to be larger to house two kegs at once. A dual tap kegerator will naturally be heavier and a bit harder to move than a single tap kegerator.

The larger your dual tap kegerator is, the more likely it will be that it can house larger kegs, such as the ½ keg sizes. A smaller dual tap kegerator may only be able to house the ¼ size, but each kegerator is different and will tell you exactly what it can handle at one time.


Capacity is important to consider because you will need to ask yourself how often your kegerator will be used. If you only plan to use your kegerator a few times, maybe the ¼ size keg dual tap kegerator would be your best bet. The smaller the capacity means that your kegs will likely stay fresher for longer.

Suppose you plan to use your dual tap kegerator for parties or get-togethers. In that case, a ½ keg-sized dual tap kegerator will work wonders if you are trying to have two beers or wines served at one time. A larger capacity dual tap kegerator is a great investment if you have a traveling bar business or just like to house parties at your house.

Warranty and Quality

You will have to make sure that your dual tap kegerator is of high quality and comes with a decent warranty. As with all machines or appliances, sometimes things just happen, so you will want to make sure that your purchase is protected as much as possible. As most dual tap kegerators are of high quality, you will want to make sure you know what kind of warranty is behind every kegerator you are interested in.

The worst possible scenario would be that you buy the dual tap kegerator of your dreams, only to realize that it is malfunctioning and you don’t have a great warranty to help protect the purchase. Things can also happen during shipping, so you will want to be sure that your investment is protected even on its way to you, as well.

Ease of Use

Even if you’ve never used a kegerator before, you are going to want it to be an easy process once you get the hang of it. Or, if you are a pro at accessing and using a dual tap kegerator, you will expect that the process is as easy as possible, especially if you are using it in a high-capacity area with a high volume of people.

Each dual tap kegerator should have a very clear book of instructions or a manual to help you accurately set up, troubleshoot, and use your kegerator. If your kegerator does not include a user’s manual within the components list, maybe move on because that sounds like a red flag from the manufacturer.


Just because it is an appliance doesn’t mean it can’t look great. Kegerators can come in all types of finishes, colors, and styles. A popular finish with dual tap kegerators is black with chrome taps. This gives an impressive look that will look effortlessly stylish in a bar setting or even within an at-home bar area.

There are signature kegerators that can come in wood finishes, but keep in mind that these kegerators will be a bit more expensive. You can always get your kegerator housing professionally made to your specifications but remember, the fancier you want your dual tap kegerator to look, the more pricey it will be.

The Best Dual Tap Kegerators

Kegerator by Kegco

Kegco K309B-2 Kegerator

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use dual tap kegerator, you can’t go wrong with this dual tap kegerator from Kegco. This setup includes everything you may need, including an entire keg kit for tapping up and setting up your kegs. This dual tap kegerator has a large inside that can easily house two of your favorite kegs.

  • Price Range: Less than $1,000
  • Best For: At home use or single-use
  • Size: Can hold up to two five-gallon kegs
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

Kegco has made a truly stellar, conveniently designed dual tap keg that comes with powerful technology for cooling, keeping all of your beer or wine at its coldest temperatures possible. These kegerators are built to last and even come in a black or stainless-steel option, so you can choose what looks best for your space.

Who It’s Best For

With a sleek, large design and easy-to-read setup instructions, this dual tap kegerator is best for anyone just starting with a dual tap kegerator.


  • Comes with a complete keg tapping kit
  • Has an extra-large interior
  • Great design features that are convenient to use
  • Great cooling technology


  • It may be a bit noisy

Full-Size Kegerator by Ivation

Ivation Full Size Kegerator

If you are looking for a great dual tap draft beer dispenser, also known as a kegerator, look no further than the full-size, dual tap kegerator by Ivation. Ivation makes really great, affordable kegerators, and their dual tap option is unsurpassed in quality, design, and affordability.

  • Price Range: Less than $800
  • Best For: At home use or single-use
  • Size: Can hold ½ kegs, ¼ pony kegs and 1/6 kegs
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

Easily serve your favorite beer at home and at an ice-cold temperature with this dual tap kegerator that comes complete with fabulous chrome towers and a sleek and polished chrome finish. This is a powerful kegerator that can hold ¼, ½, and 1/6 kegs with ease.

Who It’s Best For

This kegerator is best for single-use or use at an at-home bar. While it can hold multiple sizes of kegs, it’s not super huge that could house a lot of beer at once.


  • Will keep beer icy cold
  • Design is stunning to look at
  • Powerful refrigeration
  • Easily converts to a standard beverage cooler


  • It may be a bit difficult to move

Commercial Sized Dual Tap Kegerator by KITMA

Commercial Dual Tap Kegerator

Looking for a giant, commercially sized dual tap kegerator that can easily handle a huge volume of people and keg sizes? Look no further than the KITMA commercial kegerator. This kegerator is huge, and it’s ideal for a bar setting or a traveling bar setup if you plan on serving many people at once.

  • Price Range: More than $2,500
  • Best For: Commercial use
  • Size: Can hold up to four ½ keg sizes
  • Warranty: One year warranty through the manufacturer

This commercially sized dual tap kegerator comes complete with a digital display and can house up to four faucets, which means you could essentially have four kegs on tap at once. This is a very large kegerator that is easy to clean, easy to use, and great for serving large volumes of people at once.

Who It’s Best For

This is a commercially sized kegerator, so it’s best for anyone who either owns a bar or has a traveling bar company that is equipped to serve many people at one time.


  • Super huge size
  • Can hold up to four kegs at once
  • Digital displays that are easier to read
  • Easily customizable


  • It may be a bit difficult to move

Danby Double Tap Kegerator

Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB 5.4 Cu.Ft. Double Tap Kegerator

If a simple dual tap kegerator is the perfect kegerator for you, then look no further than the Danby double tap kegerator. This pretty straight-up kegerator is easy to use, with clear instructions and a classic design. This kegerator has an auto defrost mechanism with a mechanical thermostat for easy and clear measurements.

  • Price Range: Less than $1,000
  • Best For: At home use
  • Size: Comes with a capacity of 5.4 cubic feet
  • Warranty: N/A

This kegerator is even cooler because it comes with a scratch-resistant surface and comes complete with a reversible door hinge, which is extra handy if you want to use it in a tight space and need to customize it a little bit.

Read our full Danby Kegerator Review and Guide.

Who It’s Best For

This versatile dual-tap kegerator is perfect for at-home use or as a new addition to your basement bar or bar area within your home.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • The door can move to either side
  • Scratch-resistant


  • It may be too small for some
  • A bit noisy

Outdoor Dual Tap Kegerator by Summerset

Summerset 25-Inch 6.6 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Dual Tap Beer Dispenser

If you are someone who loves to barbecue outside with a cold beer in your hand, this dual tap kegerator by Summerset may be the best option for you. This is a stainless steel kegerator made for durability and long-time use that is ideal for use outdoors due to its rugged design.

  • Price Range: More than $3,000
  • Best For: At home use
  • Size: Comes with a capacity of 6.6 cubic feet
  • Warranty: 30-day returns

This kegerator can hold 6.6 cubic feet capacity and has impressive glass shelves and even extra drawers inside to keep extra items cold. This is a fancier machine that has a digital thermostat and even a security lock for safety.

Who It’s Best For

This kegerator is best for at-home use, specifically housing outside in your favorite barbecue area or kitchen patio.


  • Impressive design
  • Extra features
  • Digital thermostat
  • Made of stainless steel


  • On the small side
  • Noisy

Alternative to Dual Tap Kegerator

Dual Tap Keg Tower

Kegco Dual Tap Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit

If you don’t want to take the plunge into a dual tap kegerator, but you still want to enjoy ice-cold beer from your tap at home, purchasing a dual tap tower conversion kit may be your best bet. This conversion kit from Kegco features everything you need to tap a keep and convert your existing refrigerator into a kegerator easily at home.

  • Price Range: Less than $400
  • Best For: At home use
  • Size: Can fit a variety of keg sizes
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

Who It’s Best For

This kit is best for anyone who already has a beer fridge they would like to convert it into a kegerator. It is a cheaper option compared to a dual tap kegerator.


  • Affordable
  • easy to setup
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Comes with instructions


  • It may be too difficult to set up for some
  • Must have a refrigerator to use it with


Question: Is it worth buying a kegerator?

Answer: Yes, if you like ice-cold beer at home and you plan to go through your kegs quickly.

Question: Can you fit 2 kegs in a kegerator?

Answer: Yes. Especially with a dual tap kegerator, you can easily fit two kegs in one machine.

Question: How long does beer last in a kegerator?

Answer: About two months, depending on the type of beer and type of kegerator.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it – some of the best dual tap kegerators you can find in today’s markets. Each of these kegerators will give you ice cold beer with the convenience of storing two beers or beverages at once. They are fun to own appliances that will help preserve your kegs and will be a great feature to have at parties.

In my opinion, the best choice would be the Ivation Dual Tap Kegerator because of the awesome price point.

Did you find this article helpful? We hope you did. Do you have any experience with dual tap kegerators? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions below, and then check out our review of all the best homebrew equipment!

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